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Five Great Points To Shoot Those Purrfect Pet Photo Portraits

Portrait photography is the most popular form of photography. Any person who knows how to shoot a camera is considered a portrait photographer. But there are variations of course in its quality. Professional portrait photographers have certain individuality that enables them to get the best out of their subjects. A pet photo portraits does not only convey a your loved ones image but more importantly shows their character and emotions. These five tips can give you a head start if you want to start shooting great pet portraits and don’t know the essential elements. So fear no more!




The first thing that you should learn is building rapport with your subject. Interest in knowing your subject is a big factor. If you to know your subject well and your subjects know you, they will become more relaxed in front of the camera. You will have better chances of getting the best natural expressions when the shoot comes.




At all times, make sure that your photos will reflect the personality of your subject. You will only know this if you know your pet well. See to it that their individuality comes out in their expressions. When the subject is not expecting a shot, it is when real personality usually appears. So it is best that you take the picture exactly when the perfect opportunity comes. Often this can be done by distracting your pet with treats or squeaky toys.




Most photographers opt for natural lighting. But whenever there is a need to emphasize your pets face and character, using artificial lighting is one thing that you should always consider. You must see to it that light is evenly distributed, or that it satisfies the angle that you want to emphasize. If they want a serious picture, lighting can have a grand effect. Professional studio lights make all the difference especially if your pet is black or dark colored.




Most photographers of pet photo portraits use light backgrounds to give emphasis to the subject. You may also use the environment as your background to add more character to your subject. In addition, be sure that the colors of your background compliment with the costume wore by subject (if any). Wrong backgrounds may cause the defect of a picture because the photographer pays less attention to it.


Plan Ahead


Readiness before a photo shoot is a must. It is not enough that you have all the equipment that you need rather, you have to make sure that you can handle the job properly. Prepare all the necessary materials and be friendly and approachable so that your subject can relax while you are shooting.


Pet photo portraits can really be an enjoyable hobby. Most importantly, keep in mind that you should have a passion for the job because portrait photography’s first requirement is interest.


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